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Equipment type EFA-R with screening area

EFA R is a transporter with integral control term which is used to separate a fraction.

EPA/AMA elektromagnetisk doserare

EPA / EMA is used for dosing the product. Dosing is done with very high accuracy with a lump free product. An affordable doser with many different uses.
Used for continuous control. The dispenser has a low maintenance cost. Available as open or closed, or according to customer requirements.
Powered by an electromagnetic vibrator. Used for a variety of products such as grain and metal powders.

Vibrating sieve in the serie multisizer SIM-SIML

This vibrating sieve is used to sort out products with various product sizes. Can be used to ensure contamination at some cleaning processes.

Feeder with bars gate and closing gate

Electro-mechanical conveyor with bars and dampers.

Equipment with integrated hopper and support

The carrier is common when you want a buffert container. This version has a container standing on a tripod.

RFS series electromagnetic feeders

RFS series. Flanged for mounting against for example a silo.

EFS Series electromagnetic feeders

The vibrations is created by an electromagnet. The vibrations can be controlled to dispense the product at e.g. weighing.

Prescreening feeder type RFA

Pre-separator type RFA to separate larger or longer items.