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Separator MR

MR circular screen separator segregates solids from liquids or dry material into various particle sizes ranging from 51 mm to 0,033 mm  (400 mesh).

Easy to install, can be equipped to separate up to 5 sizes with up to 4 screen decks incorporated in one Vibrowest separator.

Standard models range in size from 440 mm to 1800 mm

Screens are easy and fast to change and can be equipped with various cleaning system as: balls, kleeners, starbrush, CIP and the innovative ultrasonic cleaning system

The separator is avaiable constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304 or stainless steel AISI 316.

On request: ATEX certification, FDA IQ-OQ procedure, GMP avaialable.

All product contact areas can be polished to be in accordance with Sanitary Standards.

Separator MSC

Low Profile Circular Separator

Vibrowest's low profile circular sieve model MSC has central outlet and is designed for control sieving.

It separates granular products, powder and liquid into particle sizes ranging from 51 mm to 0,033 mm  (400 mesh).

The MSC is assembled with two vibratory motors on opposite sides of the exterior lower deck. This allows the bottom outlet to be positioned directly below the top inlet, minimizing height requirements and enables material to fall vertically through the screens at high rates.

Standard model range are in diameter size from 440 mm to 1800 mm

Rectangular separator VR

Rectangular Separator

Vibrowest manufactures rectangular separators is several different configurations. Rectangular separators are ideally suited for test screening segregating solids from liquids or dry material separation can be made in various particle sizes.

Vibrowest rectangular separators can be manufactured to customer specifications and specific facility requirements.

Sieve type MSCR

- Hood with extraction to dust.
  - End Tables and racks for bags. Bolting cloth easily
  disassemble for quick cleaning.
  - Available in three sizes 600-900 and 1200 mm diameter.
  - Product Parts in AISI 304 - 316 stainless steel or painted steel.
  - Compact design.
  - Easy to install and quiet in operation.

Centrifugal Sifter

TURBOWEST Centrifugal Sifter

The TURBOWEST is particularly suitable for control sieving of solid products.
The Turbowest sturdy construction and ease of integration into existing plants, makes it an easy choice for sieving a large range of powders and granules, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic products.
Successfully used for screening dry or damp bulk materials and is recommended whenever bagged products or hygroscopic materials are being processed. Lumps and conglomerations are broken gently without any product loss.
The Turbowest sieve is especially suited for gravity screening in line with pneumatic conveyors.

Inline sieve

Used primarily in the food industry for the inspection, homogenisation and disintegration of porous lumps of powder or granules. It is easy to switch screens and easy to disassemble for cleaning. Available in SS2333 and SS1312 and in sizes 25 / S-80 /.

Weston sieve

WESTON circular screen separator has been produced for more than 40 years and stands out for its high screen efficiency, strength and reliability. These are the main qualities that makes Weston sieve our most popular sieve in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.

The Weston separates solids from liquids or dry material into various particle sizes ranging from 51 mm to 0,033 mm (400 mesh).

The Weston is utilized in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in all sectors of application where the sieve need to be used on several product lines. 

Easy to install, can separate particles in 2 to 3 sizes with up to 2 screen decks incorporated in one separator.

Tumbler screen separator VAN

Vibrowest tumbler screening separator is used for control screening, fractionating and dust removal in dry, powdered and granular products.

The tumbler screening machine has a three-dimensional movement similar to the simple hand screening of the “gold washing pan”. This tumbline action yeilds better efficiency and a higher specific screen load as compared to vibration systems.