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Sack handling

Pow Tech offers a total range of eqipment for discharging of small bags. Bag emptiers from manual to fully automated is avalible.

Manual bag opener RSM

The manual bag opener RSM is an ideal solution for emptying bags containing powders or granules. The bag opener is available in stainless steel AISI 304 and you can get it with or without the filter. In the version with built-in filters a cleaning process take place which prevents dusting. The filter elements are automatically cleaned with compressed air cleaning. Various models components allows solutions to fit different types of applications. The station can also be equipped with bag-compactor.

Small bag discharger

Small bag discharger provides convenient equipment for product filling valve sacks as well as open bags of 25-50 kg. It is available in stainless steel. Accessories like load cells are available. Contact us and we will provide you a quote on a small bag discharger that suits your requirements.

Automatic bag splitter RSA

The RSA Automatic Bag Splitter is made up of a splitting unit consisting of a trough that encloses an extra-heavy-duty splitting screw complete with an appropriate gear motor and of a screening unit consisting of a horizontal cylindrically shaped rotating screen also complete with a drive unit. On top of the screening unit a suitable fan-operated dust collector can be integrated. Alternatively the RSA is supplied with connecting spigots for a central de-dusting unit.