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Pneumatic conveyor type GA Combo

Pneumatic conveyors of "COMBO" series are produced in size of 24 lt and 49 lt, they are pneumatic conveyors type "GA" but they have the characteristic of being assembled with both the pneumatic and electical control board on sight.

They are the basis of all the range of GVF Impianti Srl pneumatic conveyors and they are right to be installed to the base of filters, in ricovering of sack filling machines, and in all the applications of services, that requires semplicity and reliability in a compact machine.

Pneumatic conveyor type GA

GVF pneumatic conveyors, type "GA", are characterized by the presence of a fill batterfly valve PN16 put into effect with a pneumatic. Right especially for all the not abrasive products, they are supplied in a range from 24 to 3000 lt of theoretical capacity.

Pneumatic conveyor type GC

GVF pneumatic conveyors , type "GC", are characterized by the fill valve with the shape of a bell studied and produced expressly by GVF Impianti Srl. This valve can be assembled with different types of gaskets and it is right for all the abrasive products.

The range of GVF pneumatic conveyors type "GC" is enrich with a range on fill cells "GC appeso", that permit to make dosages before the transport.

GC range is produced normally from 24 lt to 500 lt but it can also be extended on specif requires of the final customer.