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Other transports

Pneumatic conveying of powders can occur as pressure transport or vacuum transport. Pow Tech offers a range of components for the entire transport system, depending on the product, environment, capacity, etc.

Diaphragm pump for bulk

The diaphragm pump operates by compressed air, up to 7 bar. It is intended for transporting fine powder with volume weight less than 0.8 kg / l.
It is easy to install and has low installation costs.
The diaphragm pump is made of aluminum or stainless steel with membranes of various materials depending on powder properties.
Connection available for sizes 2" and 3".

Flexible screw

The flexible screw conveyor has the advantage of having the flexibility to suit all possible exterior circumstances. It consists of a polyamide outer tube in which there is a spiral. It is directly driven by an electric motor. The spiral, the inlets and outlets are available in mild steel and stainless steel AISI316. The flexible screw is very simple to dismantling which makes it especially suitable for high demands on cleaning and hygiene.

Aeromechanical conveyor

An aeromechanical conveyor consists of two parallel tubes through which a wire rope with discs moves at high speed (3.8-6.0 m/s). At the bottom and top of the conveyor are a drive assembly respectively sprocket, through which the rope runs. With the high-speed movement, the discs set up an airstreem that sucks the material into the tube and then ejects it cetrifugally when it has reached the outlet at the top. It is available in mild steel and stainless steel AISI316 and in diameter 75, 100 and 125mm.

vacuum conveyor

Vacuum is used with great advantage in the transportation of dry powder products through appropriate piping. This is a conveyor widely used in industries where food quality is a requirement. The conveyor is used as an alternative to mechanical conveyors where dust free transport or minimal maintenance is required. Capacity up to 4 tonnes / h. All conveyors are available with either a ejektordriven vacuum pump or with a mechanical vacuum pump. Conforms ATEX requirements.