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Other equipment

Here you will find a mixed selection of products in powder handling that does not fall under the headings on the product menu.
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Manholes and inspection hatches are available in carbon steel or stainless steel. They can be mounted on top or on the side, with or without the edge. The doors are equipped with a strong seal and hinge bracket or rotatable bracket.

Safety valve SSM 250

The latest in security when normal pressure conditions endanger the construction of the silo. A high pressure or high vacuum in a silo must immediately be regulated efficiently and reliably. SSM250 made of carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel AISI 304.
The valve is preset at a maximum pressure of -0.010 bar and a maximum pressure of + 0,040 bar. There are other demands on the pressure valve that can be set to a range of negative pressure from -0005 bar to -0.03 bar. Excess pressure from +0,025  bar to +0,050 bar. The weight of the valve is 7 kg.

Clean-flow magnets

Magnetic closure for easy access and removal of metalparts in vertical bulk goods pipelines. The magnet is a neodym  magnet and it is approximately 3 times stronger than a normal ferrite magnet. The house is suitable for pipe sizes 150-200 mm. The racks are very easy to clean, ie you can easily pull out the magnetic core so that scrap particles detach from the grid. The house can either be equipped with one or two screens depending on whether you want a larger flow or you want a more secure separation. At the front of the house  there is a plexiglass window for visual inspection of the grid.

Metal separator

The electronic metal separator MESUTRONIC removes metallic contaminants fully automatically and without interruption, from free falling dry bulk materials. Clean products without pollution, falls easy through the capture mechanism. A metal impurity in the product stream changes the high frequency magnetic field inside the coil. The electronic circuit provides a pulse which through a solenoid valve and double-acting cylinder activates the capture mechanism. Through a blazing redirection of the material stream the metal contamination is removed safely with a small loss of material. Separation time is adjustable. Are there more metal objects within the set time, the time will be extended.

Portable sampler

Portable samplers is particularly useful in quality control of powders and granular shaped raw material. which makes it useful in chemical, pharmaceutical and food products sectors. All parts are manufactured in 304 L stainless steel and can be quickly removed for easy cleaning. The system is fully portable, with a drive unit consisting of a 9.6-volt motor with rechargeable batteries.

Safety valve SSM 100

The safety valve SSM 100 is used for small containers and silos where there is a risk of pressure during the filling of the product. using the safety valve avoids that the container breaks while excess gases are emitted. The valve is made of carbon steel and equipped with terminal spigot that is welded to the container ..
Working pressure at over pressure: 20-700 mmH2O
The valve is preset 400mmH2O
The weight of the valve is 3.6 kg.


The DLP Lump Breaker is an efficient, economic machine specially designed for breaking up friable lumps in bulk materials discharged from silos, bins or hoppers.

Pneumatic sampler

Pneumatic sampler for powders and granules that are approved for foodindustry.

Can be welded into the silo or pipe systems. Easy to disassemble and service.

Limit switches provide confirmation that samples taken when it is used for automatic sampling.

Manufactured in stainless steel.