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Level controllers

Level controllers are essential for level monitoring of powders and granules in containers and silos. They can be used for maximum and minimum levels or the continuous measurement of the level. There are a variety of types and styles to fit various applications and needs.

Level sensor for continuous measurement

Level sensor for continuous measurement

ILS system is a microprocessor-controlled solder which is immersed in a container and stops upon impact with the product in the silo. Thereafter, the solder tracks back to the upright position. After a set time the lowering of the solder starts again. By measuring the distance the weight has been reduced, obtaines current product level. The measurement can be given in cubic or weight. ILS communicates with the display via a 4-20 mA output signal.

  The system is suitable for almost all types of bulk goods and are insensitive to the conductivity of bulk goods, dust in the silos, changes in humidity of the bulk goods and materials that tend to smear. No mechanical forces exerted on the silo roof, solder only touch the surface of the bulk material. Setup and installation is very simple. It is easy to understand and has high accuracy.

Vibrating fork

ILV-level sensor is used for level monitoring in all types of containers and silos and for all kinds of powders and granules. It is suitable for materials with a low volume weight and can be used in hazardous areas, such as inflammable dust - Zone 10. It measures the maximum, demand- and low level.

Capacitive limit switch

Capacitive level switches are easy to install and calibrates itself automatically. Active shield technology that prevents material to build up along the level switch, ensuring the function of the guard. They can be mounted vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Maintenance-free.

- Level monitor that is certified for use in bulk handling such as flour, grain, sugar, cement, granules, carbon powder and even liquids
  - Suitable for temperatures up to 500 ° C
  - Suitable for pressures up to 25 bar

RF 3100 Standard Model

RF 3200 very robust for tough conditions

RM 3300 for high temperatures

Radar Level Switch

Level meter with frequency guided by rod or wire.
Universal use, can be directly mounted in tanks and silos and more.
Quick reading of values on display.
Can also measure aggressive liquids.
Linear measurement in different shaped containers.

Current output 4 ... 20mA

Paddle level gauges

Level Indicators of rotary type, will give a signal about the minimum or maximum level inside the tank, containers or silos. As long as the materials are within the paddle rotation radius the paddle can not rotate. When the material level drops below the paddle radius of rotation, starts the rotation and give the signal to activate other components. Top or side mounted level indicators are common for material with a volume density of 0.5 t / m © ¯ to 2 t / m © ¯. Rotary paddle switches are easy to install and cost effective.

Continuous non-contact level measurement

Non-contact ultrasonic level measurement instruments

The compact non-contact ultrasonic level meter with is an intelligent measuring instrument. The processor filters out disturbing sounds and choose the right signal. Is used for environments with low dust particles to measure the material in both solid form and in liquid form.

- For continuous level measurement
  - Suitable for measurement of bulk materials and different types of liquids
  - OLED display
  - Easy setup without material in the container
  - Intelligent processor that detects false signals
  - Available in ATEX design for Zone 0

Measuring range from 0.2 meters up to 20 meters, depending on the size of the meter
  Ambient temperature - 30 C - 70 C
  Analog Current Output 20mA