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Fluidization is used to facilitate emptying of the container or silo. Fluidizers will be installed inside the cone of the container.
The fluidizizers are powered by compressed air and is available in different versions depending of the product but is best suited for fine powder.

Air cannon

The air cannon facilitates emptying of hard to handle materials from silos, pockets, container etc. It is mounted on the outside of the container wall.
  The air cannon is available in sizes 1-100 liters pressure tanks with a working pressure of 7-10 bar. In extremely difficult depleted materials more cannons can be installed in the same container and "pushed" sequentially.

Aeration Disc

Fluidization disc prevents deposits of product on the walls of a container without affecting product quality. The aerodynamic form avoids crushing. It has low air consumption.

Vibrating Aerator

Vibrating Aerator is a simple and inexpensive solution to prevent lockups during filling or emptying of the silo, hoppers and containers. It spreads an air injection while it vibrates, thereby making the product comes into motion. It is easy to assemble and can be used both for continuous air flow or sequential, to create an effective pulsation.

Pressure Reducer

Equipment to regulate and control the airflow to fluidizers. It is connected to the different fluidization elements. The set includes regulator, solenoid valve, pressure gauge, fittings and air hose.

Aeration pad

Aeration pad for powders, used for plants of different industries, in two versions,with fittings in zinc-plated carbon steel or in AISI 304.

Aeration pad suitable for tanks and silos, for most industries, in particular by heavy situations or by high temperatures.
Construction of the body: AISI 304.

The aeration pad is used in the following industries: Food - Chemical/Pharmaceutical - Building - Ecology - Laboratory - Feedstuff.

The possible versions are the following:
- SAA120C[][][]: Body in AISI 304 and fittings in AISI 304;
- SAB120C[][][]: Body in AISI 304 and fittings in zinc-plated carbon steel.

The number and the position of aeration pads depend on the product, on the tank’s dimensions and on the inclination of the hopper.

Air cannon PG

GUNJET PG Air Cannons (blasters) are successfully used where bridging or rat-holing occurs.
They are ideal for setting in motion irregularly shaped, dry and light bulk solids (e.g. fibres, shavings, flakes, wood chippings, plastic chippings).
GUNJET PG Air Cannons are designed to inject blasts of high pressure gas at up to 6 bar (87 PSI), for a short duration (typically fractions of a second) resulting in bridging or rat-holing material to collapse.
In the standard version GUNJET PG Air Cannons are electro-pneumatically activated. A fully pneumatic version is available on request.
When operating multiple air cannons, those at the bottom should be fired first, moving on progressively upwards at regular intervals. 
The curved outlet pipe conveys air tangentially along the wall of the bin or silo.
Its robust design makes the GUNJET PG Air Cannon suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The external parts of the body are manufactured from galvanized steel and aluminium.
GUNJET PG Air Cannons are supplied with a mounting plate which has to be welded on the bin/hopper/silo wall. A safety chain prevents accidental dropping during installation or maintenance.
GUNJET PG Air Cannons come in three different sizes.