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There are three main groups of filters: skyfilter, penetration filter, and cartridge filters. Selection of the filter depends on aplikationen. Fixtures are available in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Vacuum filter

Vacuum filters for vacuum up to -0.6 bar. The filter housing is reinforced with the filter body and has a service hatch on the side for quick and easy replacement of filterbags. Available from 3 up to 30 m2 filter area. Cleaning the filter is done with compressed air blowing.

Compact filter

The compact cartridge filter has a filter area of 2-9 . The filter is available for both vacuum and pressure. The building height is 620 mm and is available in stainless steel or painted versions. The filter is cleaned pneumatically.


Sky filter is a silo top filter with stainless steel housing as standard. Filter media adapted product with cassettes with round fabric socks. These are specially designed for dust collection in pneumatic conveying systems with both pressure and vakuum transport.

Bag filter

Filter series are 32-57 m2 filter area. The filter bags are taken out from the top of the filter housing. Filter cleaning is done with compressed air. Available in different designs depending on requirements.