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Dischargers are used to secure emptying silos, hoppers or containers that contain products that are inclined to bridge and are difficult to discharge.
There are different models for vibrating, rotating or fluidising the product.

bin sweep

The rotating discharger has blades that performs continuous, uniform discharge of material into a rotary valve, screw conveyor or collection vessel etc. The discharger requires a minimum of space and can be fitted to discharging stations and small silos. It is available in stainless steel.

Bin sweep "Heavy duty"

Robust rotating discharger with wings enables a continuous and even emptying of products. The wings design is adjusted to the product to achieve highest possible efficiency. The discharger is well suited to be placed under a container or silo where the product column can be of great size.
It is available in diameters 400 - 2000 mm, the number of outlets according to demand. It is manufactured in stainless steel.

Fluidizing cone

A fluidizing bottom facilitates emptying of difficult materials from silo or tanks. It consists of a cone with a perforated internal plate wich is clad with a cloth. The internal plate transports the air out evenly over the cloth. Fluidizing bottom in diameter 800 mm. It is delivered with regulator and solenoid valves.

Bin activator

Install a vibrating discharger underneath a silo or vessel and you will get a problem free and controlled emptying for powders or granulates. It is available in diameters 600 - 3000 mm. The discharger is simple to install, secure and reliable. It handles the product with maximum care and has minimum requirements for maintenance.