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Butterfly valves - slide valves

Valves are usually placed on outlet of tanks and silos. Wich type of valves to choose for a certain application is determined by for example building heights, tightness. etc.
The valves are operated by hand, pneumatic piston or electrical motor. The execution of the valves is mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel.

More valves can be found under products from Jacob under the heading Pipe system.

Mix Butterfly Valve type SVA

The butterfly valve type SVA is characterized by its ease and simplicity of construction and is used for emptying containers or silos of powder products. The damper is made of aluminum or stainless steel. The sealing ring is NBR, dust-proof up to 0.2 bar. It is operated with manual or pneumatic control and is available in diameter 100-400 mm.

Butterfly valve type VPF

The butterfly valve type “VPF” is the result of a constant research devoted to the conveying and feeling problems. Manufactured in aluminium, stainless steel AISI316, is used to handle loose products in powder or grains.
The pneumatic tightness is granted by an adiprene or white rubber seal special for the food industry which is fitted inside the valve. The butterfly valve “VPF” is available with manual control or electro-pneumatic interlock consisting in actuator, electrovalve, coils and micro-switches.

Slide valve type UPG

The “UPG” interception valve is designed for the interception of products in either a powdered, granular or liquid form. Thanks to its functional simplicity it is suitable for use in a wide range of different fields, ranging from the industrial to chemical fields and that of plastics and food products. The valve is available in two versions, on with cast iron body and stainless steel blade and another version completely made of stainless steel, with metallic seal, or viton sealing element for high temperature applications. To further guarantee its air-tight quality, the blade sliding zone features a packing gland system with PFTE weave seal. The control element is of manual or electro-pneumatic type, and the flanging complies with UNI PN10 standards (DIN 2576).

Mix Slidevalves type SGA/SGB

Slide gate type SGA is a powerful damper intended for powders and granules. The inside of the damper is covered with polyurethane. The blade is resting against the ball bearings for maximum durability. It can be supplied in carbon steel or stainless steel with manual or pneumatic control. The inlet is rectangular or circular.

Mix Pinch valve SMA

Pinch Valves from Mix is used for flow control in various industries for example chemicals, building, ecology etc. It is mostly used in pneumatic transport. The valve has a robust design with durable seals for long life without maintenance or mechanical wear.