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Bulk bag handling

Pow Tech offers full equipment for the emptying of big bags. Bulk Bag dischargers starts from manual to more automated stations for both single use bags and spout bags. Construction is of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Bulk bag filler

The bulk bag filler makes the filling of different types of bags dust-free, economical and time-saving. Pow Tech meets customer needs of various accessories such as weighing instrument, runway, inflating bag, etc.

Bulk bag discharger type 1

The bag is lifted by the hoist or with a fork lift on to a frame. It rests on a support plate and a bag spout can be opened through a hatch in the side of the discharger. A short pipe is for connection to a suction unit for removing dust. The discharger is also available with options (see accessories) as bag splitter for disposable bag. Closure Mechanisms of spout, crane scales and massage that make emptying easier, etc.

Bulk bag discharger type 2

The big bag is lifted with integrated hoist. The bag spout can be opened through a hatch in the middle section. To eliminate dusting there are a connection for filter.
The big bag discharger can also be equipped with a knife cross for disposable bags.
Closure mechanisms, scales and pistons that facilitate emptying etc. are available as optional add-ons.

Lifting frame

Lifting frame for big bags, available in two versions for crane or forklift, can be loaded up to 1500 kg.

Bag massage

Bag massage is used as an aid in the emptying of unwieldy material from big-bag emptier and placed on the side frame. Sack Massage units operated by pneumatic cylinders whose position and frequency are fully adjustable. They are especially effective when the storage in big bags cause problems with compressed materials and where traditional vibration monitoring can cause further compression and prevent ejection.

Knife cross

Knife Cross is for big bags without discharge spout. Knife Cross consists of four blades of special steel. The bag is lowered over the cross knife which cuts up the bottom. The entire knife cross can easily be removed from the big bag emptier and the individual blades can quickly be replaced.

Spout closing

The spout closer is effective when the big bag must be resealed and moved from the dispenser. Often used in batch manufactoring.