Every customer is unique and each project as well. But regardless of project size or scope, there are three common denominators that are sacred to us: customer contact, quality work and excellent service. When we undertake a planning board is close customer contact and open dialogue A and O.

As a customer you get a single point of contact in the form of a project leader from us who is in charge of all stages throughout the project but also in the secondary market in which maintenance, servicing and operation are included. If you have questions, or if something is malfunctioning, please contact us, not the equipment manufacturer. You should always know who to turn to.

Step one is that we identify an appropriate image, requirement specification, schedule and all the external parameters that the project will be subject to and limited by.

Step two is that we design a project plan. We present the plan and goes meticulously through all the details.

After any adjustments, additions and other changes deliver we a definitive description of the project containing functional descriptions, flow, layouts, quotes etc., over the whole project as the basis for the project start. Customers can choose to have us complete the full installation and you get a turnkey solution, or you can choose from basis of our drawings to do the installation your self.
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Powtech Projektering

Powtech Projektering